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KW Men's Basketball League

League Divisions



With the exception of the Major Division, League eligibility shall be restricted to players not competing in other organized leagues involving O.B.A., University, Community College, Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Senior teams. Any exception to this rule must be approved by all team representatives in the appropriate division except for the Major Division which is allowed to use up to two (2) of the above mentioned players (having dressed to play in another organized league).Players are restricted to playing for only one League team. The intention of this rule is to have players playing one game per week in the Kitchener-Waterloo Basketball League. Due to insurance restrictions, no high school students will be allowed to play in the League unless they are of the age of majority and not playing for a high school team.

Each team shall be allowed a maximum of fifteen (15) players. Team rosters must be submitted via the website by the end of the fifth (5th) game. Appeals for player additions after the fifth game are to be provided to the executive committee and a fee of $20 will be charged if the appeal is successful. The penalty for any team not having player lists submitted by the deadline shall be two (2) points deducted from its standings per week.

It is the responsibility of the captain or representative to check off all participating team members for each game, and to ensure that the proper jersey number is associated to the player on the gamesheet before the start of the game. Scorekeepers will then strike out any non-participating team members at the end of the game, and only checked players will count as having played that game. Teams who check off non-participating team members may face penalty and potentially default games for claiming to use absent players.

To be eligible for playoffs, a player must have played in at least eight (8) or more of the scheduled regular season games. In the event of a game being cancelled and not rescheduled, such shall count as a game played for the purposes of playoff eligibility. Appeals for player use in the playoffs are to be directed to the executive committee for review.